Taste a Philadelphia Tradition

Here in the cheese steak capital of the world, Astra Foods makes Philly-style beef, chicken, and pork steaks that have earned consistent praise from local, regional, and international restaurants and distributors. We’re particular, all right. That’s tradition.

Astra Foods | Philadelphia, PA


100% Domestic Fresh Steer Beef

Astra Foods uses fresh lean steer beef meat to manufacture its steaks, satisfying today’s health-conscious consumers.

All raw beef products are available in a wide array of marinated or non-marinated varieties. For best results, frozen steaks should be thawed before cooking. Using a pre-heated grill, Astra Foods raw steaks can be prepared in minutes from start to finish!

Fully cooked beef steaks offer the same top quality as raw products and are quick and convenient to
prepare in the oven, microwave, or steam table. Items can be altered with several house spices or Astra Foods will customize a unique spice blend just for you!

Astra Foods Raw Beef

  • Pre-chunked, EASY BREAK flat steak
  • Thicker oval BREAK EZE beef steak (Commonly known as Oval style)
  • Traditional old fashioned flat strip steak
  • Traditional Rib-Eye flat steak
  • Available in several types and levels of marination, fully customizable for you!
  • Packaged in 10 lbs. net weight boxes, available in bulk or portion sizes ranging from 4 – 8 oz.

Astra Foods Fully Cooked Beef

  • Available seasoned with several standard house spice blends or customized with a unique spice profile just for you!
  • Packaged in 12 lbs. net weight boxes, bulk portioned with four 3 lbs. vacuum sealed tubes