Taste a Philadelphia Tradition

Here in the cheese steak capital of the world, Astra Foods makes Philly-style beef, chicken, and pork steaks that have earned consistent praise from local, regional, and international restaurants and distributors. We’re particular, all right. That’s tradition.

Astra Foods | Philadelphia, PA

Breakfast Products

Innovation is always the key when assembling your restaurants’ menu. It can even be more challenging with breakfast items. That’s why we suggest you make use of the same top quality Astra Steaks that you currently use at lunch and dinner.

Astra Foods Steak is an excellent choice to offer as an option to bacon and sausage on your morning egg and cheese sandwich. Whether you serve it on muffins, bagels or croissants, or the current craze of wraps and pitas, your customers will surely appreciate this delicious alternative. And, since your customers already know and love the taste, it will be sure to please. Taste one today and see why Astra Foods Steaks are a natural solution for creating a delectable breakfast sandwich.